First Aid is all around us….

KarynFirst Aid

Now I don’t think I am particularly unlucky and whilst perhaps my friends might be slightly accident prone or “adventurous” (you know who you are) it has made me realise that “first aid is all around us.” Perhaps I dealt with the situations because of my particular skill set, but the accidents still happened. Who would have dealt with them if I hadn’t?

How Head2toe First Aid was “born”

KarynFirst Aid, Parents

As a nurse, I am fairly confident with being in a first aid situation. Don’t get me wrong, depending on the situation I still get a burst of adrenaline, I would worry if I didn’t. But I can think clearly, I can make logical decisions and I can take appropriate action. To top this off, I had spent years working with children…. I was totally ready to be a parent and deal with the little … Read More