First Aid

Childhood Falls from Playground Equipment.

Childhood Falls & Injuries: STOP before you Scoop!

Step-by-Step First Aid after Childhood Injuries & Accidents Has your child ever fallen from a height in the playground? Or sustained injuries from falling off the top bunk or out of a tree? Crashed their bike? Or even had a rough tackle at footy? What was your first reaction? Because if you’re like most parents with a child who is hurt and crying – you want to scoop them up to comfort them and make …

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Has your child been diagnosed with a severe food allergy?

Children & Severe Food Allergies: A Parent’s Survival Guide

An Open (Heartfelt) Letter From One Food Allergy Parent to Another Dear New Allergy Parent, Has your child just been diagnosed with a peanut allergy? Or another severe allergy to dairy, eggs, soy, nuts or another food? I bet you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, and probably a little scared too. Or a lot. Do you feel desperate for resources on what to do as a food allergy parent? Most likely, you’ve already Googled “What do …

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What is Croup: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Have you ever found yourself furiously Googling ‘What is Croup’ at 2am? Feeling panicked because your child is terrified with a harsh, barking cough and you’re worried they’ll soon struggle to breathe? It’s definitely not fun at all. Croup can be scary for both you and your child, so it’s important that you feel confident knowing how to identify it and manage it. While I thought I was done with the dreaded bark of Croup, …

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Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) Demystified

When most of us think of defibrillators, we think of what we have seen in dramatised medical programs.  We imagine the word “CLEAR” and a loud noise as the patient jumps. So, it’s no wonder that I frequently see hesitation, concern, and even fear from people in a first aid course around using an automated external defibrillator (AED). Once people understand how an AED works and how important it is, I start to see that …

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Redback spider, Latrodectus hasselti, on white background

First Aid: Australian Spider Bites

I don’t know about you, but lately I have been noticing spiders on the move around my house. First aid for spider bites is a common topic that I get asked about. So, I thought I would write a brief blog on what the recommended first aid is for Australian Spiders in case you have had an increase in spiders at your house too….   Always remember that prevention is the best first aid.    Awareness of …

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