Top 4 Free First Aid Apps

head2toe First Aid reveal their Top 4 First Aid Apps

Carry Life-Saving Knowledge on Your Smart Phone

In today’s world, we all want up-to-date information at our fingertips, and First Aid is no different.

So in this blog, we’ll reveal the four First Aid Apps that put reliable, evidence-based, life-saving first aid knowledge into the palm of your hand, wherever you travel in the world.

That means you can skip the Dr Google step!

Take the Stress out of Remembering What to Do

I’ve heard so many people say they’re afraid they won’t remember how to deal with all of the first aid situations they can encounter. 

They’d feel confident with the basics, such as how to stop bleeding, or even administering CPR. 

But when it comes to less common situations, like how to treat a spider bite – well, that can get filed in the “nice to know but rarely used” section of our brains!

For these situations, we’d all love a first aid manual to refer to. And, thanks to the power of technology, you can. 

Here are our favourite 4 First Aid Apps, which as well as being a wealth of knowledge, all have the added bonus of being free.

But…Please Note: don’t just rely on an App!

Apps definitely don’t take away the need for the practical confidence gained by doing a first aid course

Here at head2toe First Aid, we highly recommend using these apps in conjunction with training, to ensure you feel empowered to act in challenging first aid situations.

1. Head Check

Would you know what to do if your child sustained a head injury? Whether you need an ambulance, a hospital or the GP? 

Head Check is a fantastic app that helps parents and first aiders assess a child’s head injury for signs of symptoms of concussion and tells you the best course of action based on the symptoms. 

What I also love, is that this app also helps manage the vital recovery phase of concussion. 

It’s not uncommon for children to jump straight back into their normal life as soon as concussion symptoms start to resolve.  However, doing too much, too soon can delay a full recovery. 

You’ll find information in this app that educates you on how to best assist in your child’s recovery.  It can also provide an individualise plan for a gradual return to normal activities such as school and sport.

  • Find out more about the Head Check first aid app. 

2. Kids Health Info App

Hands up if you’ve ever consulted Dr Google? Be honest!

If you have a child and want high-quality, current, evidenced-based information then the Kids Health Info App is a great resource.

It contains more than 300 medical fact sheets put out by The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, so it’s health information that you know you can rely on. 

It includes topics such as:

  • Allergies,
  • Bones,
  • Infections,
  • Medicines,
  • And more.

Because there’s no doubt that the internet is an amazing tool, but using it to check up on symptoms can go awfully wrong.

It can cause unnecessary stress, particularly if you end up on sites that contain outdated information, or is simply not based on strong evidence.

3. Australian Bites and Stings

It’s no secret that Australia is home to many creatures that can bite and sting us – some which are toxic and harmful, some not. But do you know the difference?

If you want to camp, hike, garden and play outdoors with confidence this is the app for you.

You can look up a potential ‘venomous creature’ to:

  • Identify it,
  • Discover the signs and symptoms of their bite/sting, and
  • Follow the recommended first aid based on Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

I love this app, because it lets me go camping with confidence.

I know I can identify the creatures that I did not come across growing up in New Zealand!  And, if I was unable to provide first aid for myself, this app could easily guide anyone through what to do. 

Because on a personal note – you might think I’m crazy, but when I moved from New Zealand to Australia, I was concerned about the poisonous creepy crawlies. I actually remember asking someone how I would know if my baby had been bitten by a redback in his cot!

4. Emergency+ App

Are you like me and know how to get to a friend’s house, but have no idea of the actual address? Or, do you know the address of the park your children are playing in? 

The Emergency+ App is a must-have, because it can save you critical minutes in an emergency.

It uses your phone’s GPS to give your co-ordinates and address to the 000 Operator, so they can send emergency services your way. It also provides a list of key emergency phone numbers.

Just imagine what you would do if you needed to call 000 in an emergency, they asked you for the address and you didn’t know it! This takes that stress away entirely.

It’s great if you are travelling interstate, away on holiday or are in a situation closer to home when you are the only adult – whether it’s at a playground or on a work-site.

  • Find out more about the Emergency+ first aid app. 


Gain More Knowledge and Confidence with these 4 First Aid Apps

We can’t all be an expert on everything to do with First Aid, so it pays to know where to get great information. 

These 4 First Aid Apps are a great place to start for family-friendly first aid information. 

You can feel confident knowing you have up-to-date information on hand whenever you need it, at home or on holiday.


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