Let me introduce myself!

My name is Karyn, a Registered Nurse, a Trainer, the founder of head2toe First Aid and most importantly a Wife and Mother.

head2toe First Aid is a passion of mine which I felt compelled to start after consistently hearing messages from patients and friends that concerned me. Comments such as:

“thank goodness you were there…..”

“I am terrified I wouldn’t know what to do if…”

“I always meant to do a first aid course but….”

“I wish I had done that first aid course, something awful happened at work the other day…”

“I find first aid courses so confronting, I admit I have avoided them”

I saw situations where the outcome could have been different if people had known how to respond to the early signs of a medical emergency.

I saw firsthand the anxiety, stress and fear that a first aid situation produced in people. I firmly believed the right training, delivered in the right way could alleviate a lot of this anxiety and stress and replace it with a feeling of confidence and empowerment. I also knew that I could remove many of the barriers that prevented a lot of people from doing a first aid course.

So, drawing upon my 19 years of nursing experience dealing with the medical and first aid needs of both adults and children, and on my years spent as a trainer, head2toe First Aid was “born.”

The mission of head2toe First Aid is to empower people by providing first aid training that is flexible, fun and relevant to the group’s individual needs. I believe that adults learn best in a relaxed environment where questions are encouraged and hands on skills are practiced. Wherever possible your course will be tailored to make it relevant to your situation and needs.

You are important, and spreading the “first aid word” is my passion. This means our relationship does not need to end when your training does. I am only an email or a phone call away to answer any question that you may have or to help you debrief following an incident.

Organisations, small groups and parent/caregiver first aid are my specialty. Let me empower you with confidence and show you how “doing something is better than nothing” through my interactive, fun and practical training style.

Because I believe in quality, I am proud to deliver my Nationally Recognised Training and Assessments on behalf of Allens Training Pty. Ltd. RTO 90909. This means that you get my training style and passion backed by the experience and reputation of a Nationally respected RTO.

I can’t wait to discuss your training needs.