Phone Apps & Websites

Phone Apps

Our top four, free downloadable phone apps. Take the stress out of remembering what to do – but please do not rely on an App, it is a tool and does not replace training or Medical advice!


The Emergency+ App is a must-have, because it can save you critical minutes in an emergency. It uses your phone’s GPS to give your co-ordinates and address to the 000 Operator, so they can send emergency services your way. It also provides a list of key emergency phone numbers. Download  Emergency+!

Kids Health Info

If you have a child and want high-quality, current, evidenced-based information then the Kids Health Info App is a great resource. Download Kids Health Info!

Australian Bites and Stings

If you want to camp, hike, garden and play outdoors with confidence this is the app for you. You can look up a potential ‘venomous creature’ to identify, discover and follow first aid treatment. Download Australian Bites and Stings!

Head Check

Head Check is a fantastic app that helps parents and first aiders assess a child’s head injury for signs of symptoms of concussion and tells you the best course of action based on the symptoms. Download Head Check!